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Smoke Rings Don’t Lie!

Reading a post from Sleeping is for suckers made my morning!

"Went to Barn & Co. in Lincoln Park and had the absolutely worst BBQ I have ever tasted in my life. Fucking blasphemy calling yourself a BBQ restaurant. Not to mention how large and obtrusive their awning is. No smoke ring, every single protein that we had was dry or over cooked, the sides might as well have been cereal with all of the sugar they use, and the cheese filled link was gritty. I can’t stress enough about how bad the bbq was. Any Texan would kill themselves knowing that a place of this caliber exists." -sleepingisforsuckers

I was looking forward to some of the classes there were going to offer. Especially the canning classes. There is no reason.. We see the city inspectors once a year.. 20 times is beyond abuse of tax dollars! 19 times wasted on doing their real job of checking out other food establishments. My tax money went to that.. what a shame an amazing waste by Chicago Government.


In Fall 2009 a remarkable space opened in Logan Square called the Logan Square Kitchen. I should know, I produced the grand opening. It was a magical little spot that was both an event space and a shared commercial kitchen aimed at supporting micro-food enterprises in the city. Some 20 small…